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Founding Director, Brittany Wilson, has always had a passion for performing and choreographing but also recognizes the support young artists need in order to build their dreams. As an Arts Administrator, Wilson wanted to make a difference in someone’s artistic journey and found philanthropy as an appropriate way to give back.

Who We Serve

In an effort to bridge the funding gap between emerging and established artists, this foundation was created to focus on college-level dance artists who need support transitioning from the stability of school to the highly competitive world of dance.


This microgrant is for college-level dance artists who are interested in producing their first dance performance or dance film. We define college-level as any one who is currently in their last year of college or who has graduated within the last two years.

Coaching will be offered throughout the creative process, as well as monthly meetings over the course of the production period to discuss setbacks, efficiency and goals. By offering this scholarship to college level artists we are preparing them for real world experiences such as applying for grants, residencies, dance festivals etc.They will also understand the importance of budgeting, time management and planning wisely. Our top priority is to make the transition from college to professional as smooth as possible.

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